More Seattle Skyline – From Beacon Hill

One of the places I really wanted to get to take a night shot from was up on Beacon hill. I had seen another shot on Flickr that I wanted to try to get, and that was the location. I wasn’t sure where exactly to go. I managed to con Alison, my wife’s cousin to drive me up there one night. Again, I wasn’t completely sure where we were going, so we had to drive around a bit. We finally found Jose Rizal Park. I climbed up on a big metal storage box of¬†some kind, and set up my tripod. I was trying to get higher than the trees that are in the lower right of the picture that¬†hide some of the car light trails.

Seattle Skyline Night 

This one turned out ok. I like the look of the clouds and the Quest Field with the green light on the left. The pictures I took earlier didn’t have this green light to them.

Well, this is not quite the end of the story. In order to get my camera on a tripod, I had to remove my BlackRapid strap that screws onto the bottom of the camera in the tripod hole. I set it down on the ground as the light was disappearing. And left it.

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More Space Needle Pictures

It seems like all my pictures from Seattle have the Space Needle in them. There are quite a few. I went out at night to capture the city several times, and it is hard to take a picture without getting it. The city lights the tower quite well, so it kind of begs to have pictures taken of it.

This time, I was specificly going for the typical Seattle Space Needle shot. The location for this is Kerry Park. This is so popular a place, that there were 6 or 7 other tripods there the night I was there.

So here are the “postcards” that I got from the trip.

Space Needle Postcard 

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Space Needle Reflections

This post is all about the space needle, and reflections. Annie and I were out walking through the Seattle Center area when I noticed the reflections on the side of the Music Experience building. Annie had the idea to sit on the wall and get her with her reflection.

The Annie Experience

I also noticed that the reflection of the Space Needle was coming in really clear, so I posed her to get the best reflection.

Annie and the Needle

I had actually been here earlier and was looking for reflection shots, but this was later in the day and the light was a bit better. It was a better angle for the reflection.

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Gasworks Park

North of downtown Seattle, across Lake Union is Gasworks Park. The place is pretty cool. The was a place where gas and oil were refined and separated. This is the main boiler.

Gas works grunge

What’s cool is that someone had the sense to preserve all this old machinery and turn it into a park. It is a great place to walk around and take pictures. I bet you could get some cool pictures here in the evening. (I don’t remember when this park closes)

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Seattle Center Fountain

There is a lot going on around the Space Needle in Seattle. There is the Music Experience, the Science Museum, a Children’s Museum, a concert hall, and amusement park, and (probably some other stuff I missed) this great big monster fountain. Taken from the right angle, you can see it and the Space Needle in the same picture.

Space Needle and Fountain

One of the cool things about this fountain is that you can go right up to it. It is not in the middle of a lake like most fountains. It is at the bottom of a big concrete bowl. It looks like a crater from when an alien ship landed from outer space, and they turned it into a fountain. Kind of Men in Black was my thinking. Anyway, kids loved this fountain.

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Where to Photograph in Seattle

I am going to Seattle in few weeks, and I have been trying to figure out what to shoot while I am there. I wanted to go check out Pikes Place Market, but wasn’t sure what else to do. On that same site, I saw Snoqualmie Falls. Hard to know how much I want to rent a car. Could get expensive.

I found a couple of sites that could help in the research. The Photographers Guide to Seattleblog looks interresting.

There is a flickr map of Seattle to check out.

I also found this Google map of one guys Seattle photos. Some of these night shots would be really neat to take. Once again, not sure how easy to get to these by bus. A scooter maybe?