Seattle Day 1

Most of the day was packing and flying, but that didn’t stop me from taking some pictures.

While I was up in the air, I experimented with some of the raw conversion features built into the D90. I usually shoot in RAW and then process in Aperture or Photoshop, but did some playing with the camera. Note the star cross effect. Funny.

Plane Star Cross

Plane BW

On the way I had my first in flight beer. I am usually too cheap, but I had a coupon from Annie. That and I haven’t traveled by plane in quite awhile.


Also, I seeing I was going to be going to Seattle, I decided to watch a bunch of pod casts by Chase Jarvis. He has some pretty funny stuff. This is my iPhone that was playing a pod cast of a shoot he did with a martial artist fighing water. How it was done was pretty cool.

iPod Chase Jarvis

Just before we got there, I got a picure of Mt. Ranier. I think if I lived here I would have a hard time not wanting to climb it, if I was looking at it all the time. We could see if from the ground when we got on the bus to the hotel too. That is really not practical now.

Plane Mt Ranier

After getting here we had to find our room at the Westin. That is one swanky hotel by the way. They had a hard time finding our reservation that was done as a group by an administrator. They have 4 conferences going on right now. You would think that they could handle that.

Then we met Alison, and headed to the Wild Ginger for supper. Very nice experience. Liked it a lot.

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger Cooking

Wild Ginger Sticks

Mongolian Noodles

After we got back I thought I was missing my lens cap, so I went back, and while checking the floor, I discovered it in my pocket. Sheesh. Anyway, it was good, because I got a couple of good pictures out of the walk of a fountain, our hotel, and the space needle.

3rd Ave Fountain


Westin Seattle

Space Needle

Stay tuned for more Seattle…

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  1. cool! looks like you had a lot of fune and those restaurant shots look like you did them for a magazine ad! 🙂

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