Seattle Center Fountain

There is a lot going on around the Space Needle in Seattle. There is the Music Experience, the Science Museum, a Children’s Museum, a concert hall, and amusement park, and (probably some other stuff I missed) this great big monster fountain. Taken from the right angle, you can see it and the Space Needle in the same picture.

Space Needle and Fountain

One of the cool things about this fountain is that you can go right up to it. It is not in the middle of a lake like most fountains. It is at the bottom of a big concrete bowl. It looks like a crater from when an alien ship landed from outer space, and they turned it into a fountain. Kind of Men in Black was my thinking. Anyway, kids loved this fountain.

Run Away

The fountain was not static. Sometimes there would be almost no water in it. Other times there would be water firing out several stories up, and several feet out. You never knew what it was going to do. So, naturally, the kids would dare each other to go touch it. The picture above is of several kids running away that were cautiously approaching it.

Tag the fountain.

I saw several people touch it, but several people got really really wet.

Don't Get Wet

Myself, I just hung back and took pictures. I almost got wet a couple of  times when I was down lower trying to get better pictures. Kids here were having a blast. I think Kate especially would have loved it. I think that the bank was a little steep for Lily. In fact, some kids were sliding down the concrete on their shoes on the wet patches as if they were on a skateboard.

Don't Get Me Wet

I did hear a lot of “Hey, be careful! You don’t have a change of clothes!!!” coming from parents, but it didn’t seem to matter. Pretty much everyone got wet.

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  1. Were was this again? It looked very very fun because I would love to go their (must of didn’t read were this was).

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