Gasworks Park

North of downtown Seattle, across Lake Union is Gasworks Park. The place is pretty cool. The was a place where gas and oil were refined and separated. This is the main boiler.

Gas works grunge

What’s cool is that someone had the sense to preserve all this old machinery and turn it into a park. It is a great place to walk around and take pictures. I bet you could get some cool pictures here in the evening. (I don’t remember when this park closes)


There is a section of the park where there is a bunch of smaller equipment that you can actually touch. Not supposed to climb on it (there is actually a park with newer stuff kids can climb on), but kids could come and get a close look and actually touch some of the old machinery.


There is also a big hill you can climb up that affords a great view of Lake Union, gives a different vantage point for the machinery, and allows you to get a great shot of the city. On this day unfortunately it was a little hazy and the sky was kind of grey. It was hard to coax anything out of this sky, but this is what I got.


When you don’t have many second chances with weather, you have to take what you get. After this I walked back up the hill to catch the bus. On the way back, I stopped in to see Chase Jarvis. As luck would have it, he was in, and just waiting for a model to get makeup put on. I got to have a quick chat with him and some of his staff. Chase and the rest of them are really nice. It was fun to “drop in” for a visit.