Space Needle Reflections

This post is all about the space needle, and reflections. Annie and I were out walking through the Seattle Center area when I noticed the reflections on the side of the Music Experience building. Annie had the idea to sit on the wall and get her with her reflection.

The Annie Experience

I also noticed that the reflection of the Space Needle was coming in really clear, so I posed her to get the best reflection.

Annie and the Needle

I had actually been here earlier and was looking for reflection shots, but this was later in the day and the light was a bit better. It was a better angle for the reflection.

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Gasworks Park

North of downtown Seattle, across Lake Union is Gasworks Park. The place is pretty cool. The was a place where gas and oil were refined and separated. This is the main boiler.

Gas works grunge

What’s cool is that someone had the sense to preserve all this old machinery and turn it into a park. It is a great place to walk around and take pictures. I bet you could get some cool pictures here in the evening. (I don’t remember when this park closes)

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Back from SD, MT, ND

I have been back from my trip now for a week and a half. Not sure why I didn’t post that sooner. I have started to post some of the pictures to flickr.

We went through the South Dakota Badlands, the Black Hills and Rushmore, and then stayed in Montana here:

Montana Living

I found a new favorite subject to take pictures of too. Goats:

Angel and Rio

More from all stages of the trip in the Summer Vacation 2008 set.