Tuesday and Tired

I got back from Winnipeg, and shot several cool thing. I took some pictures of 4-wheelers for a couple of guys I met on the beach, got some sunsets, some fire-batton twirlers, and of course my kids. Pics soon.

If you want to learn more about the D90, just about everything you could possible want is here at the Imaging Resource.

Scott Kelby has posted more group shots from the photo walk. I can’t believe no one in our group thought to get a group shot of us all.

Photowalk Saturday was Fabulous

We all had a great time Saturday night at the Minneapolis photowalk. Joel did a great job of leading the event. We were the last two stragglers making their way to their cars after the restaurant. I had dragged a tripod with me, and Joel was giving me some tips on some Minneapolis night time skyline shots we saw. I met some great people, and look forward to seeing their pictures. I am still going through mine. Last night Aperture decided half way through my sorting that it wouldn’t recognize the file format of half my pictures, so I just shut down. I’ll try again tonight.

It sounds like the other walks went great also. Scott seems to be indicating that this could be an annual event. I wonder if he will be updating his lightroom book yearly? 😉

Photo Walk Tomorrow

I am psyched. The first Worldwide Photowalk is tomorrow. Scott Kelby started this as a way to promote his new lightroom 2 book, but the idea of the photowalk has really taken off. There are over 7000 people in cities all over the world. Thank goodness they won’t all be in Minneapolis. Although, it would be fun I think to have all of these people here instead of the Republican National Convention next week. The walk here in Minneapolis will be around lake Calhoun. I am really looking forward to it. After the event, look to this flickr group for the photos.