Photo Walk Tomorrow

I am psyched. The first Worldwide Photowalk is tomorrow. Scott Kelby started this as a way to promote his new lightroom 2 book, but the idea of the photowalk has really taken off. There are over 7000 people in cities all over the world. Thank goodness they won’t all be in Minneapolis. Although, it would be fun I think to have all of these people here instead of the Republican National Convention next week. The walk here in Minneapolis will be around lake Calhoun. I am really looking forward to it. After the event, look to this flickr group for the photos.

2 thoughts on “Photo Walk Tomorrow

  1. G’day Christopher…saw your posting on Scott’s blog and thought I’d check out your blog. Here in Brisbane (Australia) it’s a beautiful “winter” day, with the temperature expected to be in the 60’s for the photo walk.
    I am a fledgling photographer — just bought a digital SLR and having fun learning — and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn from the more experienced that most likely will be there on the walk.
    I’ll look forward to seeing your group’s photos at the flickr site.
    Cheers from Brisbane!

  2. Glad to have you comment Kim. I hope your walk will be a great one. The one here in Minneapolis, is an area I am at fairly often, but it will be great to meet some new people, and see what they shoot. Have fun.

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