CwExif is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to display the exif information for images in your wordpress library.
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There is no auto install or update available for this plugin.

Simply unzip the plugin into your /wp-content/plugins folder. This should have created a folder called cw_exif. Then goto the plugins page in the admin console of WP and activate the plugin. To remove, deactivate the plugin, and delete the folder. To update, deactivate the plugin, delete the plugin, then copy the new folder into the plugin folder.

Version 0.3

  • Updated to work with WordPress 3.5

Version 0.2

  • “Exif to Title”, and “Exif to Caption” buttons in media admin panel
  • Replaces image title or caption with WP EXIF info

Future Plans

  • More exif data (using external library), not just the WP captured data
  • Deal with lack of exif data better
  • More display options (not just the title tag)
  • Admin control over what exif data shows
  • Integrate with thickbox to display image/exif in css “popup”

Sorry I have made no progress on the ‘future plans’ section.

18 thoughts on “CwExif

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  2. Well Chris, I have to add my thanks and thumb up for your plugin! I made a test on my blog, and it works just fine!
    And, hrmm… maybe it’s already planned, but would you also add the lens used? (for example: 50/1.4 or 16-35/2.8 ?)

  3. Hi Chris, This is great stuff and shall be implementing it on my site.

    One thing that might help you with the extra exif data is checking out what the ‘exif & zoom’ plugin has provided. I like the data that this provides but I don’t like the way it displays the image so it’s been putting me off using it.

    He comments within his code certain sites for each specific camera maker which assists him in creating the tags – for canon etc. (I’m not suggesting copying his code – but looking at the public sources he’s used to determine the values)


    • Thanks Carl. I was looking at using the exif code that is using, but I will definately look at that site. Now I need some more time!!!

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  5. Sorry Jeremy. I had forgotten to re-enable a plugin after the last wordpress upgrade. Thanks for letting me know. Should be there now.

  6. Great. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Thank you muchly! Incidentally I had to manually upload it manually as I got a header error uploading it through WordPress 2.9.2 (I think because the folder was named cw-exif 0.1 and wordpress didn’t like it.)

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