More Space Needle Pictures

It seems like all my pictures from Seattle have the Space Needle in them. There are quite a few. I went out at night to capture the city several times, and it is hard to take a picture without getting it. The city lights the tower quite well, so it kind of begs to have pictures taken of it.

This time, I was specificly going for the typical Seattle Space Needle shot. The location for this is Kerry Park. This is so popular a place, that there were 6 or 7 other tripods there the night I was there.

So here are the “postcards” that I got from the trip.

Space Needle Postcard 

I also put on my 70-200 to get a “closer” look at the needle. I think this came out a bit better.

Space Needle Postcard Vert 

I also took a “I was here in Seattle” picture. I put my SB800 on top of camera in the hot shoe, and had somone else press the remote trigger. I had to boost the flash exposure up to get enough light on us. I still had the 70-200 on, and had to back up a bit to get everything in.

I was here. 

And lastly, I have the first picture I took that night. There are some sculpture/art arches up there that I took this picture through to frame the Needle.

Framed Needle

2 thoughts on “More Space Needle Pictures

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great to see all your images from Seattle. I was at Kerry Park last year on a night when there was a full moon and there were tonnes of photogs there. If you can believe it, none of my photos turned out 🙁 so I am enjoying your pictures. Did you take any of the needle slightly earlier in the evening? Say between the time you took the first picture and 20 minutes after the sun set?


    • I don’t think I took anything before it was darker. It was pretty grey the whole time I was there, and there wasn’t any good sunset light on the city that night. Wasn’t really any all week. The picture above (within the frame-hee hee) was taken just as I got there.

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