SPD missing byte 23 or 25

21 of 365 So I started putting my parts together. I put the motherboard, memory, and CPU together, and then put the whole thing into the case. Plugged in the power supply, and the hard drives. I then hit the power switch and got the message “SPD missing byte 23 or 25” and then press F1 to continue. Well, it looks like there is not much I can do about it. Found some answers here in this forum. It looks like we can blame the motherboard, the bios, the memory, or the AMD chipset. Narrows it down a bit. Anyway, doesn’t really matter, there is something getting reported that there is a memory error, but it is a red herring. Aparently you can just let your motherboard know that you don’t want to stop on this type of error. Only thing is, this Foxconn motherboard and AMI bios doesn’t give me that option. I can stop on all errors, or ignore keyboard/mouse errors. Well, that doesn’t help. I won’t have this box auto rebooting I guess.