Tuesday and Tired

I got back from Winnipeg, and shot several cool thing. I took some pictures of 4-wheelers for a couple of guys I met on the beach, got some sunsets, some fire-batton twirlers, and of course my kids. Pics soon.

If you want to learn more about the D90, just about everything you could possible want is here at the Imaging Resource.

Scott Kelby has posted more group shots from the photo walk. I can’t believe no one in our group thought to get a group shot of us all.

No D90

Disappointing. I was hoping to be wrong. I really wanted a D90 to be released on July 1. The D700 is an interesting camera, but a full frame sensor worth a few thousand is not what I am looking for. I am hoping though that the newly released SB-900 flash will put downward price pressure on the SB-800. The new tilt-shift lenses they announced are also interesting, but not what I am looking for.

Rumors again.

Well, here is hoping I was wrong, and that the D90 is about to be announced July 1. Nikon Rumors believes it confirmed that a full frame D300 and a couple of primes are coming July 1. They are also holding out that the D90 will be announced on that day. Here’s hoping. I have been hoarding my pennies for a few months now. I wonder when it will be available, even if it is announced then.

Where is the new D80/D90?

Nikon last released the D60, before that the D300, and before that the D40x/D40. I have the D40. What’s next? I am hoping it is a refreshed D80. Call it a D90. The rumors have been flying recently for a release this month, June. Nikon has released quite a bit recently, so thinking of a D90 in June seems a bit premature, but that seems to be the prevailing wind. The D80 is two years old now, so people think it is time for an upgrade. I think that Nikon has had it’s hands full taking over the bottom end of the spectrum. I think that September is more likely. Why? That is when the next big photo show is. Photokina 2008 is in September in Germany. Last year this show was where the D60 was released. It will make the D80 long in the tooth, and I am hoping for sooner rather than later, as this rumored camera is targeted as my next purchase.