Kathmandu Butter Candles

The light from butter candles is so amazing. I wish they were out every evening, but they only came out a few nights we were there. Women would set up tables, and cover them with unlit butter candles. People would come to the tables and pay a small fee to light them, and say a short prayer.

I found myself hanging out around these tables a lot. I would light candles sometimes, shoot sometimes, and other times just watch the people moving around and lighting candles.

The first time I saw them put out, I just started firing away. They were interesting to see, but my pictures didn’t show much interest. It wasn’t until I slowed down and was more patient did I start to see the beautiful light, and start to wait for a subject that would show off this light. Waiting for the coming together of light, subject, and moment is what I am now looking for in my images.