Wood Lake Nature Center Part 2

I arrived at Wood Lake Nature Center before the sun started to set, but not by much. I did find some interesting shots as I walked around. There were a few ducks and geese, but not as many as I expected.

The reflections on the water of the dried grasses and the low light make for a pretty cool shot. Otherwise it is just a shot of a duck. Here it is just a shot of a duck on a cool reflection.

A long time ago I took a picture of a bolt on this same bridge. Probably not the same one, but I like the set up for this. It is shot with an aperture of 2.8 which sends the grass and trees in the background into a nice impressionistic color blur.

This time, shooting with a medium aperture of 5.6, the evening light on the reeds makes for some nice images. I didn’t stop the lens right down to 2.8, so that the background would show some definition.

Right when I was taking this a family walked by. They were having the darndest time trying to figure what I was taking a picture of. They kept looking into the distance, and back at me. Then one of the kids asked to look. I let them try to hold my camera with battery grip and the 70-200. I don’t think they ever saw anything through the viewfinder, but they happy to have tried.

Nothing much interesting happened with the sky that night. No clouds, no color, nothing special. I decided to use the sun reflected in the water instead. I also warmed the white balance up a bit to get the gold color like the other images.