I started Cyberward.net many years ago, but had abandoned posting for quite some time. I decided to start back up again (May 2008), and started over with WordPress. I decided not to keep the old posts.

This site will be about my trials and tribulations with computers and photography. I have several computers now. A few linux servers, a windows laptop and desktop, a iMac, and a MacBookPro. Plenty of fodder for tribulations.

I have jumped into photography with both feet. Here I will document my experiences with my camera (Nikon D40 D90), the lenses I have, and the pictures I take. I post a lot of my pictures to flickr as well. You can see my personal portfolio here.

I am a computer consultant living in the Minneapolis area. I have worked on Java Swing and SWT projects, and many web applications using servlets, Struts, and custom frameworks. I have also worked on PHP based sites in my work, and here on this blog. When posting I am know by veggie2u or v3ggi32u.

I am a photographer. I shoot weddings, kids, family and senior portraits professionally. You should also check out my other site christopherwardphotography.com.

Here in Minneapolis I live with my wife Annie, and my two kids Kate and Lily. You can see family pictures in the Family Photo Album.

Look around.

Chris Ward

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