Water, People, Cards, and the Need for a ND

There has been a lot of water running down Minnehaha creek recently. I took Kate to Minnehaha falls to try to take some pictures. Kate hadn’t seen a live waterfall either.

I had to park several blocks away. There was a MS walk, and what seemed like thousands of people. Way too many people. I did get the tripod set up once, but I couldn’t get the shutter down slow enough for the look I wanted. It was too bright. Yes, I was there a little too late in the morning, but still, it makes me think that I need to get a neutral density filter of some sort. I would enable me to slow things down a bit more to get that real silky look to the water.

I also me another photographer there, with a massive tripod. She is also on flickr, but neither had a pen. Note to self: carry a pan and paper. Better yet, I want to make some business card type things that would have the address of my blog, and mybe my flickr ID.

Edit: Here is one of the pictures. Links to flickr.

Minnehaha Falls