WordPress Themes

So, I have been sitting here thinking I need to update the theme I am using to 2.7, when I found this link. There are a ton of resources listed here about WordPress themes, but the most interresting is here.¬† It is about Justin Tadlock, and how he created a “base” theme for you to use. Using this well structured base, you may only need to modify css files. His “base” theme is called hybrid, and it is not the prettiest theme, but it is not meant to be. It is to be the starting point. He has two child themes there that both start with hybid, and they are very different. Hmmmm. Maybe that is the way to go…

Blog theme is underway.

I finally have the blog theme close to finished. It looks about how I want it now. The only thing left to do, is that I want to create several images that will rotate with the one that is in the top left. Just need to pick and crop the images, and do a little Javascript.