St. Anthony Main Area Minneapolis

St. Anthony Falls 

I headed to the St.Anthony Main area with Rich to take some pictures last weekend. (It seems to take longer and longer before I can get pictures into a post!)

We discovered a little park that juts out into the river getting you past the power lines for a better view. This park has lots of Excel Energy signs all over it, and boards describing hydro electric production and their benefits (while curiously ignoring any downfalls)

St. Anthony Main

We walked out into this park and got some reasonable pictures. We would have stayed longer, but some officers from the parks service came and told us that the park closed at dusk. No set time, just dusk. Strangely, they don’t chase many photographers away, and the time they get there to tell people to leave varies with the day. I will have to head back again sometime.

The star pattern in the lights was not from a filter. I was just shooting at f/16 with my Tamron 17-50 f/28 lens. Most lenses will give some sort of star pattern at that aperture. Number of points depends on the number of blades the lens has.

Tuggs Tavern