WordPress Code Plugin

If you look at the tutorial I put up, you can see that the code snippets are syntax highlighted. Most of the java classes are initially hidden, but when you press the arrow to the right, the code slides down. Very cool. I found this WordPress plugin called WP-CodeBox. It works pretty slick.

One thing that I wasn’t completely happy with, was that there was no “name” to the code. The header for the top just looked like this:

code here

What I wanted was something like this:

code here

It took a bit of sorting through the code, but I found the section that parsed the parameters, and added a “name” parameter. Now I could add whatever text to the header I wanted, and have the name of the code stand out.

Noise Ninja for Aperture

The gold standard for noise reduction in images is Noise Ninja. Aperture’s noise reduction tools are not the greatest, so it is pretty exciting to learn that Picture Code has released an Aperture Plug-in. Just one more thing to add to my list to buy. They have profiles for individual camera’s that enables the plug-in to get great results without a lot of user input after selecting a profile. Check out the before/after page, the images taken with a D70 (I have a D40) are very good. It would enable me to feel better about shooting at 1600 ISO inside.