Thursday Link Roundup

Here are a few links from around the web that have caught my eye.

First off, if you are from Minneapolis, the World Photo Walk Day site for Minneapolis is up and working now. Get your spot before it’s full.

onOne software has a free version of their Photo Tools 2 software that gives you 14 of their tools.

Nikon World has a write up on Scott Kelby and a few of his images. I found out that Scott was a fashion photog, and gave it up before coming back and writing all the photography books.

Moose Peterson has a video mini review of the Nikon 24-70 AFS FX lens. Right at the end he says that DX shooters should NOT get this lens.

David duChemin has a video podcast up based on the ideas in Within the Frame.

From David Zizer: If you were just starting out, how would you build your client base.

Recently met Joe Federer, a pretty cool guy and local Wedding Photographer. Check out his blog. A couple posts down is an example book he creates. Wow!

Joe McNally has a blog post called Getting High. This isn’t about getting on a ladder to shoot. Try the Empire State building. Many of these images are also from “The Moment it Clicks”.

Came across flickr user hellziggy. She has some nice pictures of birds up on her photostream. Also, of interest to people from Minneapolis, she has tagged her pictures with their location. I might have to sneak over to some of her spots.