Lake Harriet Pictures

Went to Lake Harriet Sunday night with Kristen. As I got there and was looking for her, I spotted some great light on some tulips, so I had to stop to take this:

Painted Tulips

The background looks painted, but it isn’t a photoshop effect, just a result of taking the picture at f/1.8. I did some burning on the background, but that is about it.

We were there to hopefully get a sunset picture, but not much luck. No clouds. I did get a couple of things though.

Dock at Sunset 

Dock Fishing 

Kristen then had to leave, but I when down to the Band Shell, and took some shots of the tenders and boats there. It was really calm, so you could get longer exposures without bluring. This is a couple of my favorites.

Tender at Night 1 

Boat Glow