Interview with David duChemin

Within The Frame by David duCheminDavid duChemin is a photographer, blogger and author of the book Within the Frame.

Note: This is not really an interview with David. He was not involved with this at all. This is just me misappropriating his words from his book. My leading questions, his words taken completely out of context…

Chris: Hey David, lets get right to the questions. Would you say this book is just for professional, travel, or aspiring travel photographers?

David: It’s a book for everyone who’s wanted to shoot images of the places and people they love, whether or not they ever go around the world to do it.

Chris: So your goal with this book is to reach all types of photographers, not just travel photographers?

David: If you come away with anything from this book, I hope it is a renewed resolution to seek and serve your vision through this elegant craft.

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