The Moment it Clicks

I have been reading The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally. This is one great book. This book is a little different than others. Every two page spread is a story about a picture, and the picture. There are some great pictures, and an amazing amount of stories. Some have critized the book for not giving the exact focal length, F-stop, shutter speed, and all the other setting you would need to recreate the image, but that is not the point. Each story/picture has a point. It may simply be “don’t leave a window dark”, or “shoot now, don’t try to shoot tomorrow” wrapped into an amazing story. There are a few, I shot with this or that F-stop, but it is the context of the story that you need to get.

This guy is into light. Lots of strobes and small flashes going off. I have heard bloggers joke about wanting Joe’s lighting bag, and now I know why. Almost every picture involved placing flashes in several places around the image. I don’t see running out to buy 4-6 SB-800‘s anytime soon.