Texas Landscape Safari Hipsta Style

Here is a slideshow of some images that I took while on the Texas Landscape Safari last week. What is this ‘Hipsta’ style? These are all pictures taken with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic iPhone app. I am using a B/W film that I will blog about later.

And yes, this is a rip off of Josh Bradley’s video. Kinda. He showed me some photographs taken with his iPhone and I was blown away. I loved the B/W effect he had going. I was already taking iPhone pictures, but this B/W effect really got me going. So, with a tip of the hat to Josh, here is my video.

Most of the images are from on TLS. There are a few at the end from the missions in San Antonio.

I will have another video a bit later with some other images. Same style.

Update of some Wedding Videos

I updated some wedding videos and uploaded them to youtube. These are images from 2009. Here they are. The second video uses the same pictures, but with a different song. The first is a more upbeat song.

I was informed that many people might not like a song this upbeat for wedding images, so I remade the video again with a different song. They are both hosted on my youtube channel.

Richfield Gymnastics Club Spring Show


I finally have a video up from the Richfield Gymnastics Club’s Spring Show. For this show I took almost 3000 images from the rehearsal to the warmups to the actual event over two days. Some of them were dismissed right away as I missed focus, or body parts, but I had over 2000 shots that I had to whittle down. These are some of them.

What I was asked to make was a DVD, that the club will sell to the parents of the kids. I created 7 videos from images over the event, about a 100 per video. Seven individual songs to create the videos. I then put them together into a DVD with a menu. The one above is not one that I put on the DVD, it has images from all over the night.

It was a lot of fun to make. I shot a bit of video at the event as well that I mixed in with the stills. It worked out well. The club loved the videos that I showed them.