New Version of bgStretcher2

Yea, we have a new version of the bgStretcher2 script. The version has been bumped from 2.0 to 2.1 and it is available for download right now. See the bgStretcher page.

What is bgStretcher?

Well, check out the official page, but simply, it is a way to have a javascript based photo gallery and slideshow that appears full screen in your browser.

So, what’s new?

  • First, there was a general rewrite to clean up and remove duplicate code.
  • The code was documented, so it should be easier to follow.
  • Fixed the issues people were having when clicking on albums quickly. (The slideshow would appear to stop working)
  • Moved some setup code from the html page to the bgStretcher2.js script.

You should be able to just drop the new bgStretcher2.js file in. I would advise cleaning up the html page that you are using to avoid conflicts. I have moved a lot of the setup code that was here into the main script file, which makes the html look much cleaner and simpler.