New Mobile Photo Blog


I have another blog. Because I don’t have enough places to post material already. Well, that’s not quite true. I now have a tumblr blog, but it’s about trying to get focus. I want one place to put my mobile shots. They were getting spread out. Hipstamatic, Instamatic, BestCam, twitter, google+, or stuck on my phone. They will now go here.

Part two of the reasoning is the inspiration from Sabrina Henry and her new mini-me photo blog. I am going to make another renewed effort to look for and take photographs daily. We get so busy, it’s easy to forget to shoot. More importantly, for me anyway, I forget to look. Training yourself to look, and see things that others pass by is part of the challenge and the fun of photography. I need to keep at it. The new tumblr blog is part of that effort.

3 thoughts on “New Mobile Photo Blog

  1. Kudos to you Chris for setting up a place for your mobile images. I’ve popped over there and you certainly need to be sharing them. Love the ones from Manitoba and all those primary colours. Wow!

    Next step…printing these images 🙂

    • Thanks Sabrina. I haven’t printed any mobile pictures but I have had lots of my work printed. I obviously print my client photos for them, and I used to create iPhoto books of the kids. I have only created wedding albums for a couple of years, so I am behind. My wife pulled out a gallery showing of some of my work last year for my birthday too. That was cool. I still don’t have them up at the house though. Need to do that soon.

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