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I have been thinking about camera bags… How to get all of your stuff from point A to point B? I don’t travel that much by air, but I do need to get my gear around in cars, and when air travel comes up, you need something to put your stuff into.

My biggest issue right now is the 70-200mm f/2.8. I can just barely get it into my Lowepro FastPack. The only way it will fit is attached to the camera, and then the body is pushing against the door. Not the best. It is a backpack, which I like, but if I am taking everything, it is darn heavy.

I have been starting to hear a lot about Think Tank products. They look very well made, non-descript, and well thought out. A while back Matt Brandon reviwed the Think Tank Airport Security International, and then just recently Scott Kelby reviewed the Think Tank Airport Security V2, it’s slightly bigger cousin. These are very cool looking bags. If you could pick them up for cheap, I would run out now, but quality doesn’t come cheap, and we are looking over $300 for either of these. Yikes. It will take a bit more thought and saving before I bite.

Ok, on the sort of related category: I need to find a bag to hold my lighting gear. I am starting to collect lights, stands, umbrellas and other crap, and need¬† a way to store and transport it. On the weekend, I emptied out my family’s 6 person tent bag and used that. Any better ideas? And, uh, $300 isn’t a round number that will fit this need.

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  1. Chris, I would suggest something along the lines of a Tough Duck construction duffle bag. Sure they aren’t the prettiest, but they are very rugged and hold a lot.

    I use one for lugging around all of my Wii accessories. I can fit 2 guitar hero guitars, 1 Wii fit, 2 dance pads, 2 steering wheels, two spare packages of batteries (24 packs) and 20 games.

    I sent you the link above.

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