Lowepro FastPack 250

Happy Fathers Day to me! ( Oh, to you to Dad. ) So, this Fathers Day I was presented with a new pack. I love getting camera accessory gifts! This is a great pack. Thanks Annie and Kids. Click “more” to read more.

Lowe Fastpack 250

The first time I saw the pack sitting there I thought “Wow, that’s big!” But after playing around with it, I like it a lot. I needed a way to keep all my gear together. I had no way of bringing it with me without wrapping towels around lenses and putting them into regular backpacks. That got old fast.

This is the Lowepro Fastpack page.

The part that I like best about this pack is the quick access to your camera. With the way the opening wraps around the side, you can actually take your camera out, without taking the pack off. There seems like lots of room in there. My D40 is a little lost, but it fits fine. It looks like a bigger body would have no problem. Right now, I can fit the 55-200VR on the body, and still have room for another lens at the far end of the pack. For a longer lens, you can move the velcro separators around to fit.

I can fit my camera with the 55-200 lens attached, and the 18-55 at the end. There are pockets that fit the nifty 50, my SB400 (the larger flashes will fit), and there are still two other pockets. I use these for the battery charger and the laptop charger when traveling. (Already tried it out on a little trip to Rochester, MN)

I like the laptop compartment on the side. I had only ever seen bags that top loaded, but this works well, you don’t have to completely open the bag to get out, and it still isn’t in any danger of falling out. My 15″ MacBook Pro fits easily. A larger laptop would fit, but I won’t try to estimate. Lowepro says a 15.4″ will fit.

The very top section is mostly a large opening for your lunch or a jacket, but there are little dividers there for small items. This area is not very big, but I think it will do. Any larger and you would lose padded camera space, or make the pack bigger. As is, I think it hit the sweet spot. I have an older laptop bag that is about the same size. This one is lighter with more features.

There is also a bellows pocket on the front of the top section, memory card pockets just inside the camera compartment flap, and another small pieces section on the outside of the camera compartment. I stick a couple of filters and things in here.

There is also a flap of material that covers the lower front section, over the camera compartment that closes with buckles. At first glance, this seems to get into the way of getting the camera out. It does and it doesn’t, but both are a good thing. You can still access the camera from the side, with the buckles shut, and this helps to prevent your lenses falling out by accident. If you set the bag down and want to access the whole divided area, you will need to open the buckles. I think having the flap is a good idea.

The one knock I see, is the lack of a tripod holder. There is no good place I suppose. I am looking at how I could modify the bag. RIght now I am thinking of putting the legs into the water bottle holder, and sewing strip of velcro and a D ring on up near the top to wrap around the tripod. If I do it, I will post a picture.

Otherwise, the pack is well made, with heavy duty zippers. No loose threads or missed seams, or any other build issues that I can see. I think I will be happy.