Eye-Fi is pretty neat.

So I have had a few minutes to play with my Eye-Fi card now. First off, it is now working. It does appear that they sold a bazilion of these for Christmas and the servers couldn’t handle it. (According to their site) They have aparently recoved, and I was able to get registered. So far I have hooked it up to Gallery2 running on annieandchris.net to recieve the pictures. Pretty cool. I could just snap a picture of the kids, and blamo, it would appear on the website.

A couple of things so far. I have no geotagging data in EXIF. Not sure if that it becuase of my router doesn’t work with their “skynet” or whatever they are doing, or something else. Also, you can’t tell in camera if the picture has been sent or not. I saw in their control panel that you could select to get a SMS or email or something if pictures have been uploaded, so that might work just as well. It would be nice to know when it is safe to delete the images. When the images hit my Gallery2, they get placed in a new folder named with the date. I think I want all Eye-Fi pics to get placed into the same folder. I might have to try hacking the remote script.