Late Christmas Present

I was completely floored this weekend. My father pulled out a BIG yellow box with the letters Nikon on the side.  What was inside the box, I would never have imagined my father to have picked up for me. I must have droned on for longer than I remember when we drove to Cleveland together last year about this lens. I have wanted this lens for the longest time, but it is quite a bit of jingle.


Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF

The Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 is a monster.¬†¬†Here is a dpreview. (that’s where the image is from) This is an amazing do everything lens. I am psyched to bring this to my studio lighting class. If I get to take more portraits and senior pictures this spring, this will be the lens on my camera.

It is not light, but it does let in a lot of light. It would require a few trips to the gym before you would want to carry this all day at a wedding. But, it is fast in every sense. I love the 2.8 aperture. I love how fast the AF-S ultrasonic motor focuses. I also love¬† that you get VR on top of that. I was shooting indoors at 2.8, and I still got sharp pictures handheld at 1/30. I couldn’t do that with my 17-50mm f/2.8 Tamron. I love VR.

Did I mention that this is sharp. I shot a picture of the door across the room at the hotel in Fargo. On the door was the usual drivel about the room cost, fire escapes, liability, etc. When I zoom in on that writting, it is very readable. It was only a postage stamp size on the picture, but I could still zoom in and read the words. Amazing.

Did I mention how happy I am to have this lens? Woo Hoo. Thanks Dad.

I will try to get some pictures up later from this lens.