Busy Busy Busy

I feel like I haven’t had time to get anything up on the blog for awhile. I have several things I am trying to get finished, so instead of telling you what I do have, I will tell you what I will have.

  • I will have part three of the Intro To Java series up soon. It is called “Revisiting Classes” and will get into class extension, as well as inner classes, and using composition.
  • I sure hope I will have part three on building a NAS up. I have the OS installed and I need to get RAID and LVM installed and document the process to put up here. I need my back-up back up!
  • I need to get some pictures up from the new lens. Maybe that will come from tonight. I have another class on Studio Lighting, and I will be taking the new lens to use.
  • I just got an iPhone, so I have lots to say about that, but little time to do so. Amazing how the next “new thing” makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • I am working on a plugin for WordPress that will display the exif data of an image in user configurable ways. The first release will display the data captured by wordpress on upload and display in the title. Hopefully this will be out soon too.