Kathy in Downtown Winnipeg

While in Winnipeg, I went to take some pictures of the Cathedral in St.Boniface with my sister Kathy as my model. Only thing was, there were no lights on the Cathedral. Easter? There was a service going on. Weird. Never figured it out. Luckily, as a resourceful photographer, I just turned around, and there was a nifty sunset going on. The picture above was the last of the images I took that night. I kind of wish I had taken some of Kathy with this much bluer (about tungsten) white balance, and gelled the flash, but I didn’t. So the auto white balance with the flash on is much warmer.

This, like all the images was shot in aperture priority, with the exposure compensation turned down two stops I think. I was using a 24×24″ lastolite softbox, in this case to camera left. A SB900 is inside with the diffusion dome on. The sky looks too orange really. Like I must have faked it. Also, I wanted Kathy to face the other way.

The bright orange is fading, and I am on auto white balance which may have shifted things. Also, the softbox is moved to the right, and I now needed to zoom to about 130 to get any light on Kathy. It still wasn’t quite enough, and I had to pop it up a bit in Lightroom. Decided that while the light was pretty good, the background could be better.

I moved up across a street and closer to the water, and even closer to her. I really like the light I got on Kathy this time, but the balance of the frame is not really there. Both Kathy an the bridge are on the same side, and there isn’t enough on the other side. She needs to move over.

I like the balance in this image much better. Kathy is positioned right in front of the cranes, so you can’t see them. Moved the flash to the other side. Still zoomed, maybe a bit much, but getting fairly good balance of light and shadow on Kathy. Look at her hair. I didn’t give her enough instruction about staying still in the long exposures were were getting. The flash freezes her face will, but the hair shows movement. Kind of interesting, but wishing I had taken a few more. The things you can’t see on the little LCD.

Anyway, I should have played with the light balance more, or at least brought Kathy back into the frame after I got the first shot shown in this post. The white balance is much cooler,and the image is not as underexposed. Oh well. Live and learn. Lesson: auto white balance isn’t always your friend.