Hwy I29 Flooded at Harwood

I was traveling from Winnipeg to Minneapolis on March 21 when I ran into a long traffic line. Right in the middle of I29, I came to a stop. I knew that there was flooding issues. I had seen lots of water on the sides of the highway for quite awhile. Most of the flooding was occurring when there was a tributary flowing into the Red River. So when we came to a stop, I had an idea that it was water related.

I figured that there was a problem on the road and we were getting diverted. Maybe one side of the road was higher than the other and we were needing to have traffic from both directions merge onto one side of the divided highway. But I couldn’t see what the issue was yet. All I knew was that the water was getting higher and higher in my lane!

By this time the road had been narrowed to one lane, and there was less than an inch flowing across the road. Well, this isn’t too bad I thought. They wouldn’t keep the road open if there was a lot of water, would they? But the water kept getting deeper and deeper. There were shorter sections where it dipped at bit, and the truck in front of me was making pretty big splashes, especially considering we were going so slow.

I figure that the most water we went through was about  6 in. That was enough for me. I was expecting my hybrid to get swept away!

I took some video with the D90 too, but don’t have that processed yet. I had it resting on the steering wheel, which turns out not to be the most stable place. Seem like you have to turn it a little bit! Made it back safe. That looks to be where the worst of the flooding was on I29.

I am pretty sure that it was the Sheyenne river trying to make it’s way to the Red river.