How Internet Addicted are you?

I am back in Winnipeg (will be in Minneapolis in another day) after spending almost all of the last two weeks at a cabin on Lester Beach (near Grand Beach) on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. We had no land lines, cable or phone, so no Internet. Sort of. I added a Canada phone plan so I could make cheap calls at 59 cents a minute? ?!#$%?? I also added a data plan to my iPhone, but was paranoid about using it, going over, and paying $5.99 a meg. So I really just checked email headers, and responded to a couple of them. I tried out TweetDeck a couple of times, and it even said I was lame and it wanted a high speed connection. Turns out after looking at my usage numbers that the iPhone doesn’t use quite as much as I thought. At least using those apps. I am sure that regular browsing and google maps would have used a ton.

I couldn’t believe the number of times I thought I would just check out some fact or location or some such thing by googling, but couldn’t. Couldn’t put up pictures, or blog, read other blogs, look for Lightroom plugins, or any other number of thinks I thought about doing. My name is Chris Ward, and I am addicted to the Internet. And I have no interest in a cure. It’s good to be back in the land of the Internet.

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