iPhone as Mobile Portfolio

I heard some one once say that if you are a photographer you need to buy a iPhone or a iTouch from Apple. This way, when you are out, or traveling, and run across someone asking what you shoot,  you can simply pop out your device and voila: instant portfolio.

Before I got an iPhone, I thought it sounded it cool, but how could a little screen be of much use? Well, that was before I saw the screen. It is great for showing off your pictures.

I just got some business cards printed up:

business card

I was walking around the office (computer programming day job) and handing them out. People were asking about the type of pictures I took, so I pulled out the iPhone. Nothing like instant ooh’s and aah’s. If someone wanted to see a certain type of picture, I had an album for that. Here is a recent shot:

iphone picture of emma

I find it really easy to get my latest images onto the iPhone. I am using Aperture, but iPhoto would work similar. I create a smart album that collects all the images of a certain type. Could be 5 stars, or tagged as portraits/seniors, etc. Then in iTunes, I select go to the photos page, and select to manually sync pictures. I then select the smart albums I created. Now whenever I update Aperture, it updates the smart albums, and every time I sync, iTunes puts the latest photos on my phone. Simple, instant, up to date, mobile portfolio.