Are you a PCITW or a TCOOTW shooter?

I hate all the silly acronym’s that the computer industry comes up with. It feels like people try hard to be the first to make thier acronym for some new process or technique stick. I don’t try to hard to remember them. Luckily photographers don’t have so many.

On the other hand, I am trying to figure out good prounciations for PCITW and TCOOTW. What the heck is that you say? You are probably doing alread. David duChemin posts about his new photography acronym’s here. Put Crap In The Way, and Take Crap Out Of The Way. (t.coot.wa maybe?)

I find the PCITW very interresting. I don’t do really do that on purpose. I usually try to clean up my compositions, and Zack Aries has been getting on people about haveing crap in their pictures too (in some of the critiques). Mostly the issue is when the crap is in focus. That is not what David is talking about. It is about using a (usually) out of focus element to help frame and provide depth for the photo. I like this idea. I hope I can remember to try it (on purpose).