Once in a lifetime trip

Wish I was saying that I am going on such a trip… but that may have to wait for a different lifetime. I got fired up about maybe going on the Lumen Dei Ladakh 2009 trip, but there is only one spot left, and I can’t pull the trigger. Annie and I talked briefly about me going on a trip for my 40th birthday, and this would be one heck of a trip. But total cost of trip, airfare, hotel, etc would require a herculean effort to raise the money. WIth Annie looking to switch jobs, my contract coming due, the economy tanking, I can’t see it happening. Besides, going away for 2-3 weeks would be tough. Kate would be just starting Kindergarten, and Lily would be 2 3/4. That would be a tough time to go. Maybe when the kids get older and we don’t have daycare/school costs. That’s only 4 years away. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime trip

  1. Sounds like you’re in the same situation. Ready to go but required to delay the trip again for another year due to cost.

    I would need to buy the required gear (backup SLR and camping gear), plus flight costs as well as the high Canadian exchange makes for a $9000+ decision. (that said, this is one of the cheaper workshop tours)

  2. I’m happy to make a significant contribution on your behalf in order for you to take a trip like this on your own…say the word and like magic – a donation of cash will appear in your account (frivolous spending only). I may request some electrical work in exchange – but I still think I get the better deal out of this!!!

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