New lens (again) (and again not so good)

I must say, I am happy with B and H. When I called to talk about the lens, they said, send it back. They didn’t try to talk me out of it. If you have a credit card (with room) they can charge you a second time for your purchase, ship it out how you got it the first time (2 day) and then refund you when they get the old one back, so that’s what I did.

The new lens seems fine. I don’t have the same problems as before, and it seems just as sharp. I need to try to take some tests vs the Nikkor kit lens to see if I can tell a diference.

Edit: Not so good. It has the same problems. It seems that changing the focal length will sometimes cause it to malfunction. Just shooting on the same focal length seems fine. I don’t get it.