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I have a tripod. I bought a Slik Sprint Pro a while back. It was a tough decision. I didn’t have the money for carbon, so I was pretty much left with, kinda light, but not the most stable, or kinda heavy, and quite stable. I went for the kinda light option. I figured that if I got something too heavy, I wouldn’t take it anywhere. What good would that be?

I also considered the Slik Pro 700DX. This is a much sturdier tripod. I was intending on getting this without the head, and a panning ball head. (Hadn’t decided on which one) My thought was, get the lighter cheaper option now, and see what happens. The ball head would be nice, but I still find I don’t bring the tripod along as much as I should. Could I get lighter still?

I came across a couple of things today. A couple of days ago, on the Pixelated Image,
David was talking about tripods, and he linked to something I hadn’t see before. A specially made bean bag type thing called The Pod. It looks pretty cool. Just attach it and go. You do need to set down, or brace the camera with it, but there are often short walls, or fences that this would work with.

My tripod can get pretty low, but I would like something more convenient for flower macro type stuff. One possibility is the Gorillapod. This seems like it would be very easy to adjust. I have thought about a really small traditional looking tripod, but this seems more useful, and easier to quickly adjust.

There is always more stuff. Sigh.