Lines III

It has been a long time since I have just¬† been out for a photowalk either by myself or with some friends. Saturday I got to hang out with my “photo buds”, Rich, Mary, and Kristen. After a bite to eat, we stopped by their studio in Minneapolis’ north end, and did a little photo walk around the area. I was just looking for something interesting, and a bridge with some fun light patterns caught my eye.

Lines II

I couldn’t decide which of these images I liked better, the warm look, or the B/W.

Warm Light

Light B/W

Don’t those arches look like they could use someone standing in there? Well, I messed that up, I was too busy trying to get the light patterns that I didn’t concentrate when Kristen jumped in. But I did get her in a picture at a different bridge.

Holding up the pillar

We found lots of other things to. We took several shots at trying to come away with a picture of a moving train. It is harder than is sounds to get something halfway decent.

Union Line

Maybe it just takes luck.


No idea what that building is used for.

I have also been trying to keep an eye out for texture. I think that all this red really need something else to contrast with it, but I didn’t see anything that would work.

Red Texture

Right around the corner from the studio is a place that does “built in art”, so stuff that you don’t move from one wall to the other, like a mural, or a fountain the back yard. I think. Maybe I am full of it.

Art! In Built

I think this was my favorite image though. It is what I think of TV news.

I am lying to you

I didn’t write the word in photoshop. They were on the TV already. Awesome. Anyway, my apologies to Ben about TV news (sort of), and I immediately thought of Mike E when I saw this.

It is great to just get out and walk around. It makes no difference if you don’t get any pictures that turn out, or you gave something a try and it fails. It is just about having a camera in hand, and walking around.

If you haven’t gone on a photo walk lately, just do it.