Happy Birthday to Me

WindsurfingThis out of shape almost 40 year old with the awesome farmers tan is me from this summer. My sister took this picture of me when I was up to see my parents at their cabin on Lake Winnipeg.

Now as today I turn 40, I am sitting home sick contemplating what direction my mid life crisis should take me, and I was thinking about the last 40 years or so.

At one time, I used to windsurf a lot. I raced for the Manitoba team. I would spend every weekend on the water. I would cheer when the wind came up and everyone would leave the beach. Now, not so much. Things change. I have sold off all of my equipment. I just don’t have the same drive, and definitely don’t have the time.

What I have replaced just about all hobbies and activities with is photography. This what I now turn to for fun and a creative outlet. It is not quite as active, so I still try to run and play basketball every once in a while.

I fit photography and what ever else I can in around that which is most important to me: my family and my kids. The last 5+ years of living with my kids has brought many changes, but their energy, enthusiasm, innocence, and general intrigue with life are fascinating. There is so much that we can learn, or relearn from our children. I hope to be able to capture just a little bit of that on film.

Ok, now where is the map to the motorcycle store…

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