RGC Stills and Photoshelter

Ok, so here are a few stills of the hundreds that I took for the Richfield Gymnastic Club. The DVD’s are delivered, and now I will try to sell some of the stills to the parents. My current site wasn’t really laid out for this,  but I made a landing page that my marketing materials at the club, and an email that will be sent out to the parents that gave one, will point to here.

So, the way to sales, will be through photoshelter. I have recently started an account with them, and will be using their e-commerce site to offer the images for purchase. You can see them here. There are a lot of images there!

There are images from the rehearsal, the warmups, and the main event. It was a lot of fun to shoot. It was also a big editing job with over 3000 pictures taken.

Anyway, I got them edited down, and hopefully there are some images in there that parents would be willing to purchase. Here are a few more. Check out the photoshelter site for more.