Photos of Mike Endrizzi, Candidate for School Board

I just noticed that my client finally got his web site up and running, so I can post the pictures that we took of him. (Web, Facebook) This is Mike Endrizzi, and he is running for the School Board in district 1 of Minneapolis.

Mike is a pretty busy guy, and always on the move. He also has a commitment to his family that evenings would be for family time, so he wasn’t going to give me much time. I wanted to bring out a light, and tone down the backgrounds a bit more, but he wouldn’t give me a chance, so we had to go just with natural light.

I think the top image is the one that turned out best. I was able to position him in partial shade, just at the edge of the light that was wrapping around the building. The other two I had to tweak in post a bit more than I would have liked to get separation of Mike from the background.

1 thought on “Photos of Mike Endrizzi, Candidate for School Board

  1. Hi Mike,
    I’m Julia Freeman Senior Organizer for the Organizing Apprenticeship Project and the convener and partner of the Education Equity Organizing Collaborative. The EEOC is made up of 14 partner organization with a constituent base of communities of color and American Indian. We are a state wide collaborative with six of the partners with strong community bases in Minneapolis. Those partners are MIGZI Communications, ISAIAH, Somali Action Alliance, HOPE Community, OAP and The Coalition of Black Churches.
    We would like to meet with you to give you the history and current information of our partnership with the Minneapolis School Board. Also we want to here your plans for leadership on the school board if elected.
    Please send me some dates and times for next week and the week of the 5th that you are available.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun,

    “This victory alone is not the change we seek – it is only the chance for us to make that change.” Barack Obama

    Julia Freeman
    Senior Organizer
    Organizing Apprenticeship Project
    2525 E. Franklin Avenue Suite 301
    Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612 746-4224 (O) 612 236-8299 (C)

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