Harry’s Birthday Party

I took pictures at my little friend Harry’s birthday party on the weekend. It was at the Lariat Lanes (you probably got that part) in south Minneapolis. (Actually in Richfield) I don’t imagine that many bowling lanes would fall into a category of anything but relaxed family atmosphere, but they really have it nailed here. Well, I suppose with two kids parties going on at the same time, it is hard to call it relaxing, but Harry and his friends had a good time.

I think that Harry had been to a bowling alley before, but he was just so pumped up that he could barely take time out from having fun to bowl. After tossing the ball, he would run back to his friends before he had even seen how many pins he knocked down. Pretty funny.

The kid above almost hit me in this shot. I was down beside the gutter right at the edge of the last lane in the building. I had no where to go but take take the pic. Good job the kid rails were there that kept the ball out of the gutter, or I would have taken on to the knee.

Some of the kids wound up and chucked the ball like the big leaguers. I swear he was putting a spin on the ball too.

There are more pictures on an album at Christopher Ward Photography.com here.