Westlaw Next Ice Sculpture

Westlaw Next in Ice

I have been sitting on this image that I took with my iPhone for a long time. The official name was announced within Thompson Reuters last month, but we were told not to ‘leak’ the name early. How anyone coming to the Eagan office was going to miss this and not pass it on to the media is beyond me. Actually, I think that was part of the leak strategy.

Well, the product is about to be released, and on the last weekend before launch, I am going to Boise, Idaho for a cousins wedding. I am not shooting it, but I do have my gear packed. I have a new smaller light stand now, and I even packed it and an umbrella. Who knows when an impromptu photo shoot will break out.

Because of taking my camera gear on board (light stand is getting checked) I have another bag with my clothes in it. It could almost fit in an overhead bin I think, but because it is getting checked, it cost me $15. That means that my flight just went up by $30 total. Sheesh.

3 thoughts on “Westlaw Next Ice Sculpture

  1. the best shot of the ice sculpture yet! I resisted taking a picture as I was worried the “WestlawNext police” would confiscate my phone! 🙂 It was nice walking by it…while it lasted.

    • Thanks Suzi. I guess you work there too. I should have gone back with a different camera and tripod but I too wondered about getting yelled at for giving free publicity 🙂

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