Natural Light Portraits

I have been doing more and more portraits with flash recently, and I often forget just how wonderful natural light can be. While at Kate and Eric’s wedding, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to take some portraits of Annie with her fancy clothes and all.

The first shot I took, with the light directly coming in the window, I didn’t include here. It wasn’t as flattering because the light was still a little harsh. I had Annie standing in front of the walls on both sides of the giant window at the end of the room. The day was overcast, but the light coming in the window was still a little harsh.

The shots you see here are after I pulled the sheer curtains in front of the window. It helped quite a bit. I was surprised at how much softer the curtains made the light. It was like I made a huge softbox. The image still has shadows, and light areas, but the transition is very soft.

The walls of the hotel also provide a nice background, as if I had hung one just for this purpose.

I like the image above. We were trying something with her hair, which wasn’t working out, but it got a great smile out of Annie.

Lastly, I found an image that made a great black and white.

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