Full Screen Slideshow in Javascript

So I now have a full screen slideshow in Javascript, without using flash, and I wanted to tell you how I did it, and how you can do it too. I will talk a bit about Javascript here, but you will be able to download the jQuery plugin I have without needing to know much, if all you want is to implement the gallery.

I got the idea for this plugin after looking at a flash version of Scott Kelby’s portfolio. I just wanted to give it a try in Javascript.

I have created a permanent page for bgStretcher2, so it is easier to find from the side bar, so look here.

5 thoughts on “Full Screen Slideshow in Javascript

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  3. I have a rectangular laptop screen, unlike you who appears to have a square screen. Your Javascript does not truly extend to fit browser window size. It’s only the size of the photos you have placed. Thank you.

  4. Hi im new and have a question that is a little stupid XD … i saw that the pictures in any page are loaded name by name. is there a way to load a file from where the js get all the photos inside? thanks

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