My First Gallery Showing

Gallery Collection

Annie is throwing me a 40th birthday party. As part of the event, we are doing a gallery showing of some of my work. I printed up some of my new images, such as some of the DLWS images that I have shown lately. With the new images and some of the ones we had around the house, we had two dozen images framed. Very cool. Annie did a great job of picking out some frames.

I had the pictures printed from WHCC, and they were great as usual. I think that they were a little darker this time, but I had been using a different color calibration tool than the last time I had things printed. I think I may just have to try to turn down the gamma setting.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the part tonight. Thanks Annie!

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  1. Love that you’re excited! It has been really fun putting this together. Happy Birthday to you!

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