Drawing the Eye

Forest Path

Yes, Ok, you caught me. I just posted this the other day. But it fit with the topic well. Kinda wish I had kept it until today.

Anyway, David duChemin has a great e-Book out called Drawing the Eye. I am a little slow on this one. So slow in fact, that David has just come out with another called Chasing the Look. I tried to get this out before he put out another, but the guy has gone e-book crazy. He can write these faster than I can read them.

For the second “anyway” of the post… Drawing the Eye is a great read. This stands on its own just fine, or it could have been a fine chapter in a larger book. This book is about visual mass, and light, and what draws the eye. The really great thing about this little document, is that it doesn’t stop at telling you what draws your eye, he gives examples, and even step by step instructions in Lightroom on how you can do the same.

One thing I found really interesting about this, is that this concept of drawing the eye was something I was just learning about at the DLWS I was just at. In fact, I tried to do just that with the picture above. I lightened the road, darkened the edges, and lightened a spot down the road where the road winds a bit, as the lightest part. Did it work? Were you drawn up the road to that spot?

Head back to pixelated image and grab the e-book there, David does a much better job at explaining how this all works. Then give it a try on  some of your images. Tell me if it worked for you. This e-book is easily worth the $5.

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