Made it to Traverse City for DLWS

Woo hoo. I made it to Traverse City in Michigan for the Digital Landscape Workshop Series. I drove from Minneapolis with my father. After some consideration, we decided to take the “northern” route over Lake Michigan:

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When we first looked at the map, Google said it would be 11 hours to go through Chicago. Been there, done what, wanted a different way. Checked out the route above. Google said 14+ hours. What? It’s shorter! Well, just like when reading a topo map, the shortest route up that path with the gradient lines really close together isn’t always a good idea. The twisty turny single lane highways of Michigan at night with zero light from the sky and people doing 35mph in front of you, can throw off your time estimates off as well.

Well, we made it, and it was fun. Will probably take the same route home, this time when there is light while heading up through the pretty sections of Michigan.

Anyway, only 5 hours left until DLWS starts!

1 thought on “Made it to Traverse City for DLWS

    What a fantastikkkkk weekend to start this off for you!
    Have fun and can’t wait to hear all about it and see your shots!
    Say hello to yur dad!

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