Catching up on video.

St. Anthony MainThis image has nothing to do with video, just wanted to put up a picture for the day. I took this in the excel park down by the falls, looking back at St. Anthony Main. Infact, the biggest blob of color is the sign that says St. Anthony Main. I was there without a tripod, and just couldn’t get a steady shot. So, I decided to go for more blur. I kinda like it.

So over the weekend, I caught up on some of the video podcasts that I had stacking up. First up was Photoshop User TV. They are actually on a bit of a break, showing some old content while they rebuild the set and show.

I also looked at some image reviews by David duChemin on the Within the Frame podcast. I am amazed that the number of things that he can say both good or bad about a photograph.

I also caught up on the amazing footage that Chase Jarvis has up on his bog about the commercial shoot he was doing for Lexar in New Zeland. Pretty amazing. It was a cool idea he had to document the whole shoot for people to see what it looked like. Nice that Lexar was willing to let him do it.

Last week, Scott Kelby had a guest blog by Aaron Greene where he talked about a documentary he shot mostly with the D90. Pretty cool. I have one of those! Only thing is, I don’t like the style of video. Where you see the focus pulls, and lots of motion from lack of tripod or stabilization. He has some great ideas, but it doesn’t fit my personal style.

Anyway, try to check out some of these video segments. Cool stuff.